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Industrial Paint Spraying

Global Coatings have been applying protective coatings for a wide range of industrial sectors since 1992 from and around the UK from our Bristol factory based in the BS4 5PS area. By incorporating this site along with our sister company Wicked Coatings in Poole, Dorset into the group, we’re able to fulfil and deliver the largest projects on time and on budget across the UK.

With our team trained in accordance with ICORR, NACE, ICATS and ISO standards we operate to the highest surface preparation, paint spraying and protective coating specifications across industries without fail. Through rigorous analysis and specification we ensure each job specification is clear to ensure the right result and finish.


With our extensive metal protection knowledge, with the personnel and a long heritage, we have proven to deliver for a wide range of industries and sectors every time. As a result we understand the nuances and needs for various critical sectors.

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Surface Preparation, Metal Preparation & Structural Surface Preparation

Global coatings are able to provide a range of blast media to suit the majority of industry surfaces and preparation requirements from corrosion removal, cleaning and preparation for the addition of various paint systems.

Grit Blasting Services by Global Coatings

Grit blasting, also known as abrasive blasting or sandblasting, is a surface preparation technique that involves propelling abrasive particles, commonly referred to as grit, at high velocities against a surface. This process removes contaminants, such as rust, paint, and scale, while creating a uniform profile for improved adhesion of coatings and treatments.

Blast Cleaning

Global Coatings specialise in blast cleaning, as an effective and versatile surface treatment method used across various industries to prepare surfaces for cleaning and finishing.

With Icats trained operators and our Icorr/Nace level 2 and 3 inspectors, our experts are always at hand overseeing projects to ensure the exact specifications of metal surface preparation and protective coatings are achieved. Our processes apply the strictest standards to suit even the most demanding specifications of a project and material at each stage.

This negates long-term structural failure while delivering a world class finish. This ensures Global Coatings deliver excellent value for money and ultimate control over the longevity and finish of the product.

Additionally we have extended capacity when it comes to larger or shorter lead time of jobs by utilising our sister company, Wicked Coatings based in Poole Dorset.

Wicked Coatings has been operating for over 10 years and is managed by the same directors who have extensive technical knowledge about protective coatings.  Wicked Coatings has an industrial sector as well as specialising in painting plastics and composites. The two companies can work side by side to ensure that each company can deliver on time if and when required.

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