Abrasive Blasting

Our experience shows the most effective method is abrasive blasting, a process that utilises various abrasives to remove corrosion, old coatings, and other contaminants, while creating a suitable profile for subsequent coatings or treatments.

The profile angle and depth are measured to exacting levels to suit sector-specific and material requirements.

At Global Coatings, we specialise in the production of high-quality intumescent coatings that offer unmatched protection against fire

Abrasive blasting is carried out in seven blast rooms housing a range of abrasive; chilled angular iron, aluminium oxide, glass bead and plastic media.

Specified surface profiles and blast finishes can be achieved to internationally recognised standards.

In some cases our customers bead blast items prior to anodising them. A note to make from a quality perspective with abrasive blasting is that subsequent painting normally has to take place within 4 hours to reduce the risk of corrosion setting in before the coating application.

As Global Coatings has all the necessary equipment on-site we’re more than able to deliver on such tight turn around times and processes.

Depending on the type of customer we may have to monitor and record environmental conditions prior and during blasting and painting. We would not be able to work if the humidity was over 85%. Exacting standards of environmental and material specific specifications are drawn up prior to the work to ensure any given standards are exceeded and signed off by our certified professionals.

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