Protective coatings

Global Coatings apply a complete range of paint systems capable of offering over 25 years of corrosion protection in extreme environments. Paint systems are applied and inspected by qualified personnel (ICATS, ICORR & NACE) using conventional, air assisted and airless spray equipment.

Painting systems provide long life protection to vessels, pumps and valves, pipework, heat exchangers, structural steel fabrications and machinery components, armoured personnel carriers, gun components and much more.

We often work in accordance with our customers specification and to numerous industry standard specifications such as NORSOK M-501 and ISO12944-5. We are qualified to consult with our customers and recommend the appropriate associated paint system in conjunction with the desired corrosion category.

Most of our customers provide a defined specification document we need to work to, with matching accreditations and expertise. However, if this is not possible, projects at Global Coatings are fully specified through detailed assessment of the substrate and finished product to understand the size/weight of the object and what it is used for.

Additionally we undertake cost effectiveness and longevity assessments to define how long the coating needs to last, what environmental conditions it is subjected to, any testing reporting and certifications needed.

For Example

A project which requires a 15+ life span in a marine environment in the C5M/H category could use ISO12944-5 System A5M.04, the process for this would be:
  • 1
    Blast to ISO8501-1, SA2.5, 75-100 microns
  • 2
    1 x Coat of epoxy @ 250 microns
  • 3
    2x Coats of polyurethane polyuathane @ 125 microns each
  • 4
    Total NDFT (Nominal Dry film thickness) of 500 microns

We work closely with our customers

to ensure that they receive the right solution for their needs, and we provide ongoing support throughout the installation process and beyond. Contact Global Coatings for a free project assessment and quote to ensure you receive the expert advice for your project.
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Surface Preparation, Metal Preparation & Structural Surface Preparation

Global coatings are able to provide a range of blast media to suit the majority of industry surfaces and preparation requirements from corrosion removal, cleaning and preparation for the addition of various paint systems.

Grit Blasting Services by Global Coatings

Grit blasting, also known as abrasive blasting or sandblasting, is a surface preparation technique that involves propelling abrasive particles, commonly referred to as grit, at high velocities against a surface. This process removes contaminants, such as rust, paint, and scale, while creating a uniform profile for improved adhesion of coatings and treatments.

Blast Cleaning

Global Coatings specialise in blast cleaning, as an effective and versatile surface treatment method used across various industries to prepare surfaces for cleaning and finishing.